I'm Dan Lozada. I live in Boston, where I'm building SupplyNow

I’m a software engineer and entrepreneur. I’m currently working on SupplyNow — a platform for connecting local businesses with their suppliers.

I studied applied economics at Case Western Reserve University. My educational background is in quantitative economics, statistics, and data science. I have a passion for building products that solve real problems.

I’m a self-taught software engineer. I’ve been building websites, APIs, mobile apps, CLI tools and more for the past 5 years. I'm largely language agnostic and I'm always looking to learn new things, but I've been working with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python a lot recently.

As the founder of SupplyNow, I'm currently working on building multi-tenant marketplace applications. My work spans the entire stack, from the database to the frontend (and the infra that makes it all possible). Aside from building product, I'm also responsible for planning, implementing, and distributing analytics through data pipelines and dashboards for a variety of stakeholders.